Speaking Topics

“Only 5% of the population get all of the nutrients they need everyday. One of the biggest health challenges facing our country is to get people to realize they are not eating as well as they think they are.

This is a very self-destructive attitude which must be addressed soon”


Health Care versus Illness Care – Health care includes wellness; prevention and disease reversal, while illness care mostly treats symptoms and manages disease. Illness care will bankrupt the country while health care, done correctly, can save the country. Dr. Bens drives this fact home with the best scientific and economic information delivered in a very motivating way.

Reversing Chronic Disease With Nutrition – Over 80% of disease is preventable and reversible and yet we only spend 5% on prevention. Dr. Bens uses indisputable scientific evidence to explain exactly how this is possible and what action needs to be taken by individuals, the government and employers to force the necessary changes in the health and food industries.

Food as Medicine – Nearly everything about the current American diet is wrong and people are not only misinformed, they are usually unable to make the changes they know they should. Dr. Bens uses simple cellular biology illustrations to show exactly how the body works and which foods promote disease and which ones do not. Food can be our strongest medicine if we use it properly.

Weight Loss Without Diets – Diets do not usually work and 95% of people gain back all of the weight they lose initially plus a few extra pounds. Dr. Bens explains why this happens due to our metabolism differences, the bodies programmed weight loss defenses and the poor nutritional quality of most popular diets. Losing weight the right way includes a lifelong commitment to eating whole natural foods at the right times, in the right combinations and with good digestive habits.

The Care and Feeding of the BrainPeople pay very little attention to how they feed their brains, which accounts for the very high rates of depression, sleep disorders, stress, addictions and a whole host of other brain related disorders. Dr. Bens explains how the brain works and how anyone can have a healthy brain for as long as they live. Even genetic predispositions can be overcome in many instances.