“It is not enough to just take one workshop or listen to one talk on nutrition. If you want to live a long and healthy life you should become a student of nutrition, as well as a teacher, for your entire life. Is there anything more important than your health? “


  • Employees have lost enough weight to take their names off of gastric by-pass surgery lists saving the employer $20,000 per employee immediately and more in the future.
  • Employees have reversed their Type 2 diabetes saving the employer $9000 per employee per year for the remaining years of employment.
  • Employees have adopted natural treatment protocols for mood challenges such as depression thus reducing prescription drug costs, reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity. (Sometimes referred to as presenteeism).
  • Employees have eliminated sinus problems, which had bothered them for over 15 years thus improving their productivity and reducing health cost and absenteeism for their employer.
  • Employees have been able to stop smoking after having failed in many past attempts and were able to avoid future health problems including heart disease and cancer.
  • Employees have been to reverse a variety of digestive problems such as Crohn’s Disease, IBS and GERDS without medication or surgery and became much more productive along with helping their employer to dramatically reduce health care costs.