Dr. Charles Bens Recommends the following Supplements

We each have about 60 trillion cells in our bodies and every one of them needs energy in order to perform the important tasks they need to carry out every day. Our body needs nutrients in order to help cells to grow and repair when they become damaged, make biochemical’s such as neurotransmitters and hormones, as well as make our immune system strong enough to avoid the development of chronic diseases.


  • Multi-vitamin-prevent nutrient deficiencies
  • Multi-nutrient-Prevent chronic illnesses
  • Child multi-for growth and development
  • Omega oils-brain/heart/cellular health
  • SPM Active-reduce pain and inflammation
  • Vitamin C-prevent cancer/heart disease (P)
  • Vitamin C-control viruses, colds/flu
  • Vitamin D3-prevent cancer/build bones
  • Vitamin B complex-stress/hormones/brain health
  • Manage stress-lower cortisol
  • Probiotics-improve digestion/absorption
  • Digestive enzymes-improve nutrient absorption
  • Green Powder-increase vegetable intake (P)
  • Magnesium-increase energy/reduce sugar in blood
  • Vitamin E-healthy heart/liver/all cells
  • Detoxification-remove toxins from body
  • Coenzyme Q10-brain/heart/liver/kidney health
  • Liver support complex-make nutrients/detox
  • Curcumin-reduce inflammation/cellular health
  • Collagen powder-builds connective tissue (P)
  • Modified citrus pectin-reduce cancer risk (P)
  • Prostate health-reduce PSA/prevent cancer

Special note: Combine all powders into a powerful drink for a super health boost. Powders marked (P)