Cholesterol and Heart Disease: A Surprising Second Opinion


Employers are spending more on the treatment of heart disease than any other chronic disease and there is mounting evidence that the wrong treatments are being utilized.

Conventional medicine insists that cholesterol is the primary factor in determining our risk of heart disease, and that statin drugs are the No. 1 defense against this risk.  However, what if there is insufficient scientific evidence to support this proposition? And what if this approach is actually causing serious health problems, simply because of the stubbornness of the medical community and the profits being made by the pharmaceutical and hospital sectors? Continue reading

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How To Prevent and Reverse Chronic Disease

There are six specific reasons why chronic disease develops in our bodies.  They are as follows:


  1. Nutrition – Deficiencies in key nutrients can create biochemical imbalances that often lead to cells becoming diseased.
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Breast Health: A Cellular Perspective

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One in seven women will be challenged by breast cancer some time in their life, and yet as many as 90% of these cancers could be prevented. The key to getting women to understand how to avoid this terrible illness is to educate them about how their body works at the cellular level. Continue reading

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